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Chamonis Journey with Ithemb
By: testimony
Hi, my name is Chamoni. I am a heroin addict. January 2010 I came back from Cape Town to live in Pretoria. I was heavily addicted and my mom started phoning arpound to get me help. We found Ithemba Counselling Centre and I went for my first session before



Ithemba Counselling Centre is a professional Counselling Centre and deals with people who experience difficulty in any area of their social functioning. Marriage counselling, help with regard to Divorce, Family therapy, Play Therapy with children, Rape and Trauma Counselling and people suffering from Addiction, are all areas of intervention. We also deal with people suffering from depression and mood disorders.

We believe that all people should have access to professional services and create that opportunity through the financial support of the West View Methodist Church, situated in Wierda Park, Gauteng. As a section 21-company and a non-profit organization we are dependent on donations for sustainability and desperately need to broaden our donor-base.

We offer counselling to all people from any geographical area at a limited fee. Should clients not be able to afford the limited fee we provide free counselling.

It is our mission to give hope to the seemingly hopeless. "Hope is to life what rhyme is to poetry" to quote Michael Card.

Our vision is to contribute to a healthier society and to restore dignity where necessary so that each individual will be able to fulfill their God-given potential and experience healing.

Our team consists mainly of social workers. We work in partnership with our local pharmacy, doctors and a clinical psychologist.

We believe in an integrated approach of various psycho-therapeutic models and approaches and are bound by the ethical code, principles and values of our profession.

Our services consist of individual counselling, therapeutic groups, workshops and community work. We are passionate about people and have a deep care for those who experience emotional hurt and pain. We remain convinced that with commitment to one's own healing a journey with us will always ensure infinite possibilities.

"Believing in your tomorrow"